Thursday, November 09, 2006

Armenian educational and scientific institutions in deplorable shape

The following article is a good measuring tool to see where Armenia stands in terms of how the present government prioritizes institutions of Armenia that will have a direct impact on our future.

As the article below states, teachers will receive a raise in their salaries from $152.63 to $200. Of course this is if you are a fulltime teacher, which many are not. Two hundred dollars a month in today’s Armenia still is not a living wage and the $47.37 raise a month is not anywhere close enough to offset the inflation we have seen since their last raise.

And if you are a special education needs student in today’s Armenia, your chances of learning anything or having your needs taken care of are slim to none. In 2007, each student will be allocated $47.54. This is not spent on the student only, but to maintain the building, pay for the electricity, heating this winter and so on. Though the article does not give the numbers, I’m guessing for the non-special education students, Armenia today is investing much less in.

In the area of science, the article reports that in 2007, scientist will be taking home a whole $131.58 and those that are operating personnel in scientific facilities will get to look forward to making $65.79 a month.

It’s clear that today’s Armenian government is not thinking about the future of Armenia, as a government that is thinking of the future, invests much more in the areas that will have a direct impact on our future.


ArmInfo News Agency, Armenia
Nov 7 2006

The draft budget for 2007 envisages 9.6 billion AMD for the education sphere, i.e. by 12.5% more than in the previous year, Pavel Safaryan, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy, said at hearings on the draft budget, Tuesday.

He said 1.7 billion AMD ($4,473,684.21) are allocated to the sphere of general education. Salary of teachers will rise from 58,000 to 76,000 AMD ($200) in 2007. 152 million drams will be spent on retraining of teachers of secondary education schools, 500 million AMD for purchase of school furniture, 14.5 million - for capital repair of schools. 813 million AMD will be directed to the special education sphere, 400 million to the secondary special education. Another 324 million AMD will be spent on post-graduate education. The deputy minister said 365 secondary special education schools currently operate in Armenia, and the number of students will rise to 45,000 ($47.54 per student) in 2007.

Five billion drams ($13,157,894.74) will be allocated to the sphere of science, which is by 10% more than in 2006. The basic salary of scientists will rise to 50,000 AMD ($131.58), that of the operating personnel to 25,000 AMD ($65.79). 1.3 billion AMD will be allocated for topical financing of science and 73 billion AMD for target program financing. These funds will be used to develop scientific programs in the defense sphere.

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