Saturday, November 25, 2006

Selling our blood to the Turks... Possible peace settlement

Onnik over at Oneworld Multimedia reported on the possible settlement of the Artsakh conflict with Azerbaijan by the end of this year.

I really don’t get how this all works and how it is that Armenia will negotiate peace deals for us?

According to Onnik’s posting, territories we liberated with our blood and the loss of thousands of lives will be handed back to Azerbaijan and the 40 kilometer connection we have with Armenia will be controlled by peace keepers.

You know what I don’t get is if we are going to do this, why we feel so weak that this is the only solution?

I do understand that Kocharian and his government will only be in favor of peace in this fashion since they have royally mismanaged Artsakh and then Armenia during their totalitarian rule over the last 13 years, while they squeezed out most of the needed economic resources the country needed to stand on it’s own feet. I’m convinced from what I know that if we had a benevolent government, blockade, war and all the other normal obstacles well managed countries have, people would not be looking for an escape route from the homeland and poverty would not be so high.

If such a step is taken in ascertaining peace in the way Onnik has stated in is log, it will not only be political suicide for Kocharian and his government, but most probably give them and their families reason to flee Armenia to save their necks.

I’m all for peace with our neighbors, but not at a price of giving liberated territories that my childrens Grandfather gave his life for in order to assure that the history we had with our Turkic neighbors does not repeat itself. If my Father-in-law gave his life for something that Kocharian will give back with the stroke of a pen, then my he (Kocharian) join my Father-in-law soon there after so he can make Kocharian better understand better what I'm trying to say.

Oh and just for those that don't understand our history, be sure that if we enter into a peace deal with the Turks today as stated in Onnik's log, mark my words, next chance the Turks get they will be back to their terror attacks once again killing our people. The only way to peace with the Turks is to always have a big stick to knock them back when they act up. Of course to do this we have to have leaders that provide for the people and not rape them of all their economic, social and cultural security as Kocharian and his government has.

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