Friday, November 10, 2006


Aravot, Armenia
Nov 10 2006

If you aren't sick in cough or tonsillitis but in a serious chronic disease, each conscientious physician will tell you: 2-3 months lasting treatment may have a short- date effect, you must do my demands in all your life, or at least for years. And the sick person must be consistent; otherwise the organism will again catch that disease.

In this case, it is meaningless to hold 10 days or a month of security traffic. The drivers and passengers who used to break the rules of traffic won't learn the rules in a month. They won't respect the laws so soon. Or another example; the policemen make the buses stop only on bus stops and not there where the drivers want. If that obligation lasts a day or a month or even a year, it won't be useful. But if the policemen do it for three years, stopping on bus stops will become a conditional reflex for drivers.

It's all the same in every sphere. The entrance examinations for the institutes of higher education will be replaced by final examinations at schools in the coming summer, the schools will produce false marks of their pupils to the institutes of higher education. Which is the antidote? The Institute mustn't accept graduates from the schools, which have produced false marks for about five years. So the school will understand that falsifying the mark is meaningless.

If the prosecutor's office brings a criminal case by «slander» accusation, no TV Company will show the same material given by the ruling clique. Certainly we may accuse A. Hovsepian for double standards: on the one hand he suggests to put the right hand on the Bible, on the other hand when anybody suspects him he calls that person to his office and investigates. But the Prosecutor is right: we, the media representatives must train such kind of readers and TV watchers for whom reading each `compromise' won't be interesting. It is a problem for 50 year every day work.

Aram Abrahamian

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