Thursday, November 09, 2006


Aravot, Armenia
Nov 9 2006

The major part of Armenians who have left the country during last 15 years have a specific; they used to produce the Armenian life as a complete nightmare to justify their refusal to return. They may assure themselves that there is no electricity in Armenia or we stand in turn for bread till today, such fantasies are some sort of cure for them.

Our reality is far to be a heaven. The major part of our population are poor, the Armenian authorities systematically break the rights of citizens, they rig the elections, limit the freedom of the press, use their authority for personal. Material problems etc. All these are a reality and all normal newspapers write about it. But first of all, we, the citizens of Armenia, have right to raise those problems. The second, "new representatives of Diaspora" exaggerate our bad conditions. The announcements of "exiled writers" weren't published in the official press. In other words, you can't pronounce the word "regime" freely being under pressure of regime.

There is another unpleasant item in the announcement of "Exiled intellectuals"; the application addressed to democratic states where the call to assist in holding revolution in Armenia. It is meaningless to expect assistance from those countries, even if they are ready to hold a revolution. But whatever they form won't be a better one.

Besides, I'm inclined to think that the RA current authorities are admissible in general; it seems the outside powers have no problem with the current authorities.

Certainly, it doesn't mean that Europe and U.S. aren't for democratic values. If we manage to build a democratic state, they will respect us. If we don't manage, they won't respect how much we complain or swear for confidence.

Aram Abrahamian

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