Thursday, November 09, 2006


Haik Aramyan

Lragir, Armenia
Nov 7 2006

Ararat Mahtesyan, a high-ranking police official stated November 3 that all of us, the whole society is to blame as the system of values of the youth is becoming increasingly inclined to the "criminal world, criminal approaches". The deputy chief of the Police was right, it is the fault of everyone. The youth, which is not only our present but also our future, has a "bad habit" - they learn from grown-ups around them. They finish school, try to enter a university or college, and afterwards they want to have a job, live a good and full life. And what does a young man standing at the threshold of life learn as an adult? For instance, he can see what is going on at the universities. Then he witnesses the situation in the period of the call-up. Then he learns about the ways how one can set up a business or get a placement. He can see, for instance, how the law enforcement agencies, the representatives of government agencies work, who often deal with the representatives of the "criminal world", accompany them or guarantee their security. He can see that there are privileged and "second grade" citizens, there are people who do not obey the law, and people who are cheated and robbed in the direct and indirect senses of the word every day, placing the responsibilty for the life of the country on their shoulders. What does a young man who is not a member of the privileged class do after witnessing and understanding all these things? (Especially that all this starts as early as at school.) He has to go away or get used to this situation. The other right way is, of course, that he must fight for his rights and welfare. In this sense, however, there is still a long way to go. But presently the government and the political forces of Armenia have established a system which resembles that of the "criminal world", as Mr. Mahtesyan put it. The mechanisms of black budget, extortion and blackmail function perfectly within this system. The criminalization of the political and civil life is underway, and efforts are made to introduce these mechanisms everywhere, especially among young people. Baze Gatherings, youth wings of political parties and other bureaucratic mechanisms are designed to "spoil" the youth, pointing to the "right way" for them.

What does a young man, whose sensitive and pure soul craves for justice, have to do in this situation? According to the adults, justice is an abstract notion, however, it should be there. In the meantime, the widely preached values of the mysterious, romantic "criminal world" start attracting the young man. Everything is simple and clear in this world, which is wrapped in the veil of mystery.

Everyone is equal there, there is "justice", scoundrels are punished: this is their perception. And where else can a young man turn his face? It should be noted that the system established in Armenia presently is attempting at attracting young people into this system of values by their everyday activities and propaganda. This is an easier way to sustain their privileged status.

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