Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Lragir, Armenia
Nov 6 2006

On November 4 NKR President Arkady Ghukasyan left for the United States for the preparation of the annual telethon in Los Angeles on November 23.

There is special attention in the upcoming telethon. Not because the donations will be spent for the reconstruction of the region of Hadrut. The point is that this year there have been a number of accusations against Armenia Foundation from Karabakh. And a number of questions have occurred. First, why the telethons fail to raise the pledged sum. Second, why the style of work of the foundation has not changed over these years although it is said to be uneffective.

Moreover, uneffectiveness is connected with the lack of confidence.

Third, will the telethon raise sums if a decision was made during the Armenia-Diaspora forum to launch a large-scale project in rural areas?

But this is not the complete list of questions. How will the telethon pass, for this is the first time when the activities of the foundation and its relation with the Karabakh government get a backlash? Will the Armenian Diaspora in Russia take part in the telethon? How will the telethon pass in Europe after the adoption of the law on the Armenian Genocide by the French parliament?

The telethon will tell much about the all-Armenian relations and the all-Armenian organizations. Especially that the topic of these organizations has become a burning issue considering that the terms of office of the presidents of the both Armenian states are ending.

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