Friday, December 22, 2006

21.12.2006 17:52

President of the Union of Russian Armenians Ara Abrahamyan expressed hope that it will be possible to "convince" the President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Arkady Ghukasyan to run for the third term. Ara Abrahamyan said this in an interview with "Novoye Russkoye Slovo" newspaper, Mediamax agency reports.

"First of all, the law does not prohibit Arkady Ghukasyan to run for the third term. He can do that even three or four times. And let this fact not trouble anyone. In many countries there are no restrictions on the terms of holding state positions. Second, I do believe that in the current situation there is no one to take the place of Akady Ghukasyan. He knows all the details of the Karabakh conflict best of
all, since for a long time he held Foreign Minister's position. I think his candidacy will be out of dispute, at least until the international legal status of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic is finally determined.

"President Ghukasyan has declared he will not run for the third term. But I hope that the NKR society, politicians and Diaspora leaders will manage to convince him that it is necessary. I see it as the guarantee of maintenance of security and the process democratic development in the republic," declared the President of the Union of Russian Armenians.


I’m really not getting this? Is Abrahamian trying to say that there are no good candidates in all of Artsakh that can’t lead the country better than the present day one?

I for one know of a few very good leaders that know the ins and outs of present situation and if Artsakh had a fair election, not one of votes being cast for people who are registered, but living abroad, or votes cast for people who are dead, then in the last election, the President would not have received 97% of the votes and there would have been a very good chance he would not have won.

Just to get a better idea who the present day President is, if you recall my mentioning of his lying of a $2 million donation to the Armenia Fund during the telethon that in fact was not pledged to the fund, but was for an independent project? I have found out that another donation of $1.5 million was also NOT pledged to the Armenia Fund and is going to be used as an investment for a private company that should help more people in the regions view Armenian Television. This is nothing at all to do with Armenia Fund Projects. I also got word that another $1 million “donation” was NOT pledged, but don’t yet have the details. At very least we can deduct $3.5 million from the claims the Armenian Fund is making they have raised.

The best thing our present day president can do is not run for another term and to let the people who are living and are alive in Artsakh decide who they want to lead their country and not some businessman from Russia.

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