Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New York Life Insurance Settlement Helps the Victims of 21st Century White Genocide

Who would ever think that the Hamidian massacres of 1895 of the Armenians by the Turkish government that claimed 11 of my family members would help out my blood-relatives living in Armenia today, who are facing hard times.

When my Grandfather’s Uncle Mahdessi Arakel Hovaguim De Hagopian took out a policy with New York Life Insurance (NYL), prior to 1895, who would think that the payment would be made 111 years later and would help his brother’s decedents who are facing a white genocide in Armenia today.

When my mother filed papers to claim monies owed by NYL, she was not sure what the outcome would be. Once she received the check for $3,618.47, it was quickly decided by those descendents living outside of Armenia that the less than $10 we were each entitled to would be put to better use by helping out our family who are taking care of our interests in Armenia just by living there and are facing hard times right now.

I received the money and delivered it today while our family in California were gathered together celebrating Christmas at our eldest living relatives house. As I sat to a meal with our second eldest living relative in Yerevan, we drank an emotionally filled toast to Uncle Mahdessi, who we were sure would be happy to know that the insurance policy he took out over 111 years ago was paid and the money went to help his family who were facing hard time in the homeland.

Merry Christmas to all.

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