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[08:27 pm] 15 December, 2006

"No individual can pose serious threat to the RA," said Secretary of the Security Council adjunct to the RA President Serge Sargsyan answering the question if leader of the "Union of Armenian Volunteers" Zhirayr Sefilyan was a dangerous person that he was arrested.

"Have you read in the announcements of the national security that Zhirayr Sefilyan is seriously dangerous for the RA? There are 3000-4000 citizens of Armenia in prison at present and separately none of them is dangerous for the country. Some of them can be dangerous for the society, others - for other individuals," said Serge Sargsyan.

Asked by "A1+" what he personally thinks about Karabakh hero Zhirayr Sefilyan, Serge Sargsyan answered, "Sefilyan was one of the thousands who fought in Karabakh, but if you think you can compare him with Monte Melkonian or with other commanders, it's a matter of taste."


Yes there were thousands that claim to have fought in the Artsakh liberation war, but unlike Sarkisyan, Sefilyan actually did engage the enemy when liberating Shushi. It may be a “matter of taste” to some, but the reality is that Sarkisyan and company when going to battle to liberate Shushi (President Kocharian was also with him), Sarkisyan’s group got lost in the overgrown forest below Shushi and they were able to find their way out after Shushi was liberated. Though they had intentions to participate, they never engaged the enemy, though they do brag about how they battled the Azeris when THEY liberated Shushi. Is Sefilyan a hero like Monte? If Monte was alive today, he would not think of himself as being anymore heroic than other Armenians that really did fight for our liberation. And also keep in mind that Sefilyan came from Lebanon, was a commander of one of the military units that were credited for liberating Shushi. Sarkisyan may have also been credited for liberating Shushi, but in fact did not. My “matter of taste” would say that Sarkisian needs to be exposed for who he really is and made to answer for everything he has done in the past.

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