Saturday, December 23, 2006

Martuni or Bust Plugged by AGBU Magazine

A friend of mine wrote to tell me that the December 2006 issue of AGBU Magazine has an article on Armenian blogs. For those of you who have a copy, it is the center page and of the list of blogs, Martuni or Bust is the first. The article reads:

Martuni or Bust!!!
While some postings can be shrill, there is some high-quality material on this site including a link to the infamous documentary that investigated the trafficking of Armenian women to the UAE.”

Well a big welcome to those who have come due to the AGBU Magazine. May you get the shrill of your life. May that shrill also turn you on and not off. May that shrill call you to action and not to withdraw from your duty to your people and cultural homeland.

For those of you who are new to Martuni or Bust, it helps to understand this site has evolved over the last 1,198 postings since August 2003 into a wake-up call for the global Armenian community. You will find here many original factual stories that are difficult if not impossible to find any other place. They are stories that should make you happy and sad. Most important is that they are written to make you think. What I write about is nothing less than fact, the kinds of facts that if challenged could be successfully defended in an international court of law if need be.

For those of you who would like to read about my life in Armenia prior to August 7, 2003, when life was a bit less shrilling and more carefree, you can do so in the archive of’s Life in Armenia. My first posting was on June 28, 2001 and the few hundred postings I wrote dominated the logs until my last log was posted on August 6, 2003 when my life in Armenia was too far from the reality of what others would experience if they moved here according to our fearless leader, so I was asked to leave. Of course my life then is what most experience today in Armenia and I guess what I’m experiencing now is what most will experience in the future.

Anyway, a big welcome to the newcomers and a big thank you to my loyal readers who have made it worth my while to share with you important parts of my life here in Armenia and Artsakh.

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