Friday, December 15, 2006

Armenian’s Presidential Advisor Seyran Avagyan threatens mass media to not get involved Sefilyan’s arrest

I’m having a real problem comprehending events around the arrest of Zhirayr Sefilyan. The Armenian authorities are fighting anyway they can to retain the fragile control they presently think they have.

An article in Armenia Now titled “Power and Property: Arrest of activist has its roots in arguments over Artsakh’s limits” has a paragraph that I just can’t seem to get over that reads:

'Meanwhile, presidential advisor Seyran Avagyan on December 11 advised the mass media not to get involved in the case of Sefilyan’s arrest. He said: “Sefilyan’s detention is a matter strictly for the law-enforcement bodies and one should treat with caution issues like this and no one must meddle in the affairs of others. The mass media must mind their job and the law-enforcers doing theirs. One shouldn’t overestimate their powers."'

I’m not sure exactly what to make of this statement from the President’s office other than just maybe they know their long apposed totalitarian ways of governing Armenia is coming to an end and Sefilian’s arrest could turn into the straw that will finally break the camels back. I sure hope so.

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