Monday, December 11, 2006

How much was really raised by the All Armenia Fund telethon?

I received information from a very reliable source that the claims made by the All Armenia Fund of securing donations of $13.6 million are not true.

It seems that the Lincy Foundation’s $2 million school renovation program has nothing to do with the All Armenia Fund. Hats off to the Lincy Foundation for having understood how to get the job done in Armenia and not let their money be used to make criminal elements richer and more powerful by managing the work themselves.

It seems the explanation to the people at Lincy from the NKR government for announcing the $2 million donation to the Armenia Fund was to motivate others to give since Kirk “gave to the Armenia Fund” $2 million.

It makes me wonder how many other large “donations” were really made to the Armenia Fund and did they really raise more than what they have in years past?

This motivating others to give technique reminds me of President Kocharian’s controller Vaharm Parseghyan, who when he was the Deputy Minister of Culture in Armenia back in 1999, had motivate in the same way a donor in Washington D.C. to give $4,000, claiming that they had already secured $11,000 from President Kocharian ($4k), Vasken Sarkissyan ($4k) and a businessman in Armenia ($3k) for an operation that a war veteran needed...NOT (see:

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