Thursday, December 14, 2006

I was going to post 3 of the 4 stories below and then discovered that Onnik over at had already done so and included some very insightful comments about them, thus I click on the links to read the stories.

Top Ten Richest People in Armenia?

In this story, I want to point out the obvious that there are quite a few people who didn’t make the list that I’m guess would if it was the top 20 richest people and also the order the list is in is a bit questionable. In addition to this, notice that David Harutyunyan, the Minister of Justice and man who claims there is no problem of trafficking of women and children is the 10th most richest man in Armenia. I wonder where he got his money?

Kocharian to retain power after 2008?

This is a great story that documents directly and indirectly what is going on in Armenia. Read into the sentence in the 6th paragraph of the Minister of Defense Sarkisian’s visit to Iraq to kiss up to the U.S. for support of his becoming elected the next President of Armenia. For those that are not fully in tune with what is going on, the only way that Sarkisian will be elected is with massive voter fraud and he needs the West to turn a blind eye, thus in return for this favor, we give back liberated territories to Azerbaijan.

Cafesjian & the Government

This was not one that I had come across, thus was not going to post, but would say that it is good reading so you can see how wealthy Diaspora donors have been sucked in and manipulated by the Kocharian government.

Sefilyan in Detention for 2 Months

I am really saddened by this story and the overall circumstance around the arrest. If the authorities have the smoking gun, there is no reason not to have Sefilyan in court within the next couple of weeks. I’m guessing the smoking gun will be similar to the smoking gun they found after the “assignation attempt” on the NKR President back in 2001, which one of those "smoking guns" was Garo Babayan’s Kalashnikov that was discovered at the scene of the crime a couple of days following the shooting in a place that was literally searched inch by inch with a magnifying glass and the day of the real seach there was no Kalashnikov. When the Kalashnikov was examined in a laboratory in Yerevan, it was determined that rust found in the barrel indicated it had not been fired for quite some time and certainly not fired within the days before it was discovered. It was obviously found during a search of Garo Babayan’s house after the attempted killing and planted there by those looking for a smoking gun. In short, they will find their smoking gun to convict Safilyan, but we will never really know if it was a real smoking gun or not.

Which of these 3 stories are the same and the other different? Well I wish there was an answer to that question, but sadly they are all the same story of lies, deception and manipulation.

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