Friday, January 19, 2007

Another victim of the Armenian Genocide

Today in Turkey, Hrant Dink was shot dead by an unknown assassin.

Hrant was well known for his outspoken views on the Armenian Genocide and was constantly being harassed by the Turkish Government for his “insulting Turkishness.”

Though I never had a chance to meet Hrant, my parents knew him as he was an admirer of my grandfather Shahan Natalie.

All I can say is that though my efforts have been more on nation building and not Armenian Genocide recognition, these kinds of senseless killings motivate one to look closer to and work towards ascertaining the recognition we deserve so such senseless violent acts will no longer happen.

This assassination will bring much needed exposure to the United States to show who Turkey really is, where it looks like the Genocide will finally be recognized by the government. This killing will probably be the deciding factor some who were undecided on to vote or against Genocide recognition.

Once the Genocide is recognized by the United States Government, it will be time to pursue restitution. My family who was once the ruling royal family in Armenia has many prime real estate holding that were stolen from us in down-town Istanbul as well as other parts of present day Turkey. You can be sure that we will reclaim those lands and buildings and send a message to those who think that killing us will scare or stop us from ascertaining what is rightfully due us.

The punk and those like him or her who killed Hrant or think killing us will change things is only shooting themselves in the foot, as we will not give pursuing our claims and in the end the only one to loose will be YOU!!!

Hrant, you will be remembered for all you did for our people and we will all be thinking of you when Turkey finally and officially recognizes the Genocide of our people.

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