Monday, January 15, 2007

Notorious Pimp Changes Name

[January 15, 2007]

As we have reported earlier, Amalya Mnatsakayan (Nano) and Marieta Musayelyan – both notorious pimps – took new groups of women to the United Arab Emirates in November 2006 (See also: When They Get Out of Jail, the Pimps Go Back to Work).

Amalya Mnatsakanyan is wanted by Interpol and had been arrested by UAE police on March 10, 2004 and deported. According to UAE law, Amalya Mnatsakanyan could no longer gain entry to the country. Her retina scan was stored in the computer database of the UAE Migration Service under persona non grata.

So how did Amalya Mnatsakanyan return to Dubai?

Her partners in Dubai bribed workers at the UAE Migration Service, who then deleted her retina scan from the computer database. She falsely registered a marriage in Yerevan and changed her last name to Matulyan. She then left for Dubai from Moscow, under the name Marieta Matulyan.

The two pimps continue to subject Armenian women to sexual exploitation in Dubai. Three women managed to escape from their clutches there – Armine from Hoktemberyan, Arpine from Etchmiatsin, and Dinulik, a refugee living in Yerevan. The mother of one of these women had handed her over to Nano for a sum of 800 dollars, even though she knew the fate that awaited her daughter. One of the women had sent us a note through one of our sources in Dubai, seeking help. In her letter, A wrote, “We, the slaves, hostages and servants who work under Nano and Marieta in Dubai, request and beseech all law enforcement bodies as well as persecutors' offices, security organs, newspaper editorial boards, officials in the fight against trafficking and other organizations, to save us from these two cruel executioners and to rescue us from this swamp so that we, who have been tricked, can come back home.”

The author of the letter also wrote about how she had been tricked and taken to Dubai and about the suffering that she had been subjected to at the hands of the two women and the Arabs serving them.

Here are the pictures of the women – Amalya Matulyan and Marieta Musayelyan.

P.S. Since Hetq has been banned by the UAE government (See: Banned in the Emirates) we have had to send this article and pictures to the police in Dubai by email.
Respect for their country's law must obligate the UAE police to arrest and convict the women, sentencing them to either imprisonment or deportation.

P.P.S. In the first days of January the women who escaped from the pimps turned to the Police Department of Dubai and reported that their passports had been taken by the pimps. On January 4, the Dubai police has arrested Amalia Matulyan and Marieta Musa y elyan.
In UAE they will either stand trial or will be deported to Armenia. But in Armenia these pimps who ha ve been convicted several times before will most likely be set free.
Edik Baghdasaryan

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