Monday, January 08, 2007

Infant mortality rate up in Artsakh

In the medical sector in Artsakh, we are facing a shortage of Gynecologists. Outside of Stepanagert, we only have 3 Gynecologists. One is in Hadrut, one in Martuni and the other in Madakert.

As of right now, the Martuni Gynecologist is sick and is found in Yerevan. There is no one covering her post, thus if you were to give birth today, you would have to drive 60 kilometers down a bumpy road to Stepanagert, or worse, a 40 kilometer bumpier shorter road to Stepanagert via Nungi.

It seems that the birthrate is up in Artsakh, but the proper amount of medical services does not meet the need.

I would think that this issue should be a priority as our future growth will come birthing the next generation and the preventable mortality rate should be addressed.

I’ve also learned while looking into this issue that the city of Martuni lacks many basic diagnostic equipments and due to this, people who have fallen ill who if they knew what illness they had would not have been moved and transported down that bumpy road to Stepangert, some are said to have major complication due to this.

I’m not sure if we have readers out there who is qualified to address this issue, but if you are or know anyone that is, please pass this information on to them so they can contact me.

I will also go out on a limb here and say that if this is the condition in Artsakh, then things are worse in the regions of Armenia proper and in our liberated territories we recently saw with our own eyes and documented that they are in the worst condition in terms of medical services.

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