Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hand-To-Hand had success beyond my wildest dreams!!!

Tonight at 8:15 on Artsakh television aired a new show called Hayrenik-Spurk (Motherland-Diaspora) and had their segment featuring Hand-To-Hand!!!

Bravo Artsakh television for showing the reality of what is going on in Haygazyan and Hale villages!!!

So not only are 16 people we took with us from Martuni in tune with what is going in Lachin, but thanks Artsakh television all those who had their televisions on tonight know the deplorable conditions their fellow Armenians to the South are living and that the Diaspora also know and are ready to work with the populous with addressing the problems we are facing.

I’ll be posting on the internet the program as soon as I can get a decent internet connection so you can see for yourself how the issue was presented in Artsakh. I was also told by the people at Artsakh television that the show will also most probably air on Armenian television in America in the near future. I was not expecting such coverage.

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