Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Armenian Libertarian-Socialist Movement

Onnik over at Oneworld logged about a new Armenian blog which is titled “Armenian Libertarian-Socialist Movement.”

I went to take a look at it, since Onnik sparked my interest when he described the movement as an “Armenian anarchist or very alternative one.”

Though I’m certainly NOT an intellectual, nor am I involved with this movement, since I don’t consider myself an anarchist, nor do I have an interest in becoming a part of the Armenian political system, I did notice that the site has very few links, but of those very few links, 3 of them go to my sites, one to Onnik and another to

So what gives? Do the anarchists of Armenia like what we have to say? Does this make me an anarchist for my views corresponding to their views? I will say that at this time I am not in favor of eliminating the government or any of our institutions in Armenia. I say this as this is my understanding of what an anarchist believes in.

I will say that the last paragraph in their “About Us” page which reads: “We would want to say from now that we are not interested to hear from fascists, racists, nationalist socialists, blood-worshipers, “tseghakron” race-worshipers or other intellectually impoverished persons.” Not to be critical, but a movement for the people of Armenia would not exclude the “intellectually impoverished” since sadly they are the ones who make up the majority of or nation, including me. On top of this, I think I could consider myself a race-worshiper, since the things I do in here is not for humanity, but for the Armenian tribe. If it was not for this being a tribal issue, I would be living a traditional life like everyone else. So I would say I'm a race-worshiper, which I guess from their statement, anarchist are not.

I’ll visit their site every now and then just to see how they develop and who knows I might even get some extra hits on my sites from the links they have posted.

You know, the Armenian government is going to think that I’m behind this movement, just like some thought I was behind the Kashatagh movement (which happens to also be another link the anarchists have on their site).

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