Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stop playing games with our land that was liberated with our blood

I found this gem on youtube. It’s an interview with Leonid Azkaldian, who was one of the many educated freedom fighter who participated in the defense of Artsakh from 1988 until his death in 1992.

The reason I wanted to share this with you so you could see with your own eyes what we lost to liberate the territories, this same territories we secured with the spilling of the blood of Leonid, our uneducated leaders of today have the nerve to talk about giving in exchange for peace and international status.

You know what is really sad is that for the most part, those that are in power today who have so far failed at building our nation and moving us forward, were the ones that were rarely and/or never found on the front line defending us from the enemy and now they, the ones who didn’t and don’t have it in them to give their lives for our nation, are now ready to give something that does not belong to them so they can stay in power.

If you ask me, these negotiations and talk about giving land for peace is empty talk, since in the end, he who agrees to giving one inch of land to the Azeris or anyone for that matter, will pay the ultimate price for such an act of treason and the deal will be null and void, just like the deal LTP signed into before he had to resign.

All I can say is those who think you are negotiating for us, the common people of Artsakh did not empower you to speak on their behalf, thus stop playing games with our land that was liberated with the blood of our families and friends. If you want to know where we stand on this issue, look at Leonid’s interview and remember who you are and what we desire. Snap out of that hypnotic trans your in and read our history so you know who your dealing with when you sit down to talk about peace deals.

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