Monday, February 26, 2007

Turkey attempts to blackmail Armenia again

It seems that Turkey is very concerned about the upcoming vote in U.S. Congress regarding the Armenian Genocide.

At this point they are threatening Armenia with the flights between Turkey and Armenia and the deportation of 70,000 illegal Armenians in Turkey.

First let me say that the Armenian Diaspora is not going to back down with our right to get the Genocide recognized and if that means it going to come at the price that Turkey will once again impose an air-blockade, thus further putting into question Turkey’s anti-European action, so be it.

And as for the illegal Armenian in Turkey, why on earth would they threaten Armenia with this? Are they not there illegally? I would think Genocide resolution or not, those people are breaking the law in Turkey and need to be deported. I guess what this documents that that Turkey is not a state that enforces their own laws, thus further showing that the government supports and sponsors illegal activities that are beneficial to them, such as all the events leading up to and after the assassination of Hrant Dink.

In short here is Turkey once again showing it’s true colors and should be another warning to us Armenians of who we are dealing with.

`Echo': To Stop Air Flights to Armenia and to Evict 70,000 Citizens of Armenia

Nurani (

Deputy of Great National Assembly of Turkey, Shukru Elekdar, made such proposal To stop air flights between Turkey and Armenia, to stop `indirect trade' and to evict 70,000 illegal Armenians from Turkey ` Shukru Elekdar, deputy of Turkish parliament from Popular Republican party, former Ambassador of Turkey to USA and former head of executive administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, called

Deputy called to take these response measures in return to ongoing attempts to push through US Congress resolution on recognition of `genocide of Armenians'. Former diplomat underlined that Turkish government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a mistake in this respect. `It was pointed out before that Armenian diaspora in USA is strong enough and stands behind all decisions. But now there is no such tendency. After gaining independence by Armenia, foreign policy and administration of activity of diaspora is governed by Yerevan.

Director and corrector of this work is Ambassador of Armenia in Washington. For this reason our policy with regards to Armenia should be reviewed. No Turk will accept game of Turkey and Armenia. Under the pressure of USA and European Union we changed policy towards Armenia. After occupation of Azerbaijani territories, Turkey imposed embargo against Armenia. It strongly pressed the country, but USA and European Union forced Turkey to soften embargo. And what do we have now? 6 planes land in Istanbul airport every week from Armenian, which damages image of Turkey. Armenians coming to Istanbul exist from account of `shuttle trade' ` they need it so much. Foodstuffs of Turkey are exported to Armenia via Iran and Georgia. 70,000 Armenians live in Turkey illegally.

Turkey should make necessary pressure upon Armenia ` in order to prevent taking decision on recognition of `genocide of Armenians' first of all air flights and indirect export to Armenia should be stopped, and 70,000 Armenian citizens should be evicted. Armenia should be notices that it is time to be wise.

Armenia should understand that if it continues anti-Turkish policy it will cost dear for it'.

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