Monday, February 26, 2007

Azerbaijan one step closer creating “Southern Azerbaijan” and a greater Turkey

It seems the Azerbaijani Government is cooperating with the U.S. who is readying their war they will at some point wage on Iran. The Azeris hope to gain control over what is now Northern Iran, something that Azerbaijan refers to as “Southern Azerbaijan.”

If they are successful in taking this territory, they will not only cut Armenia off from the only friendly country that is connected by land (Iran), but Azerbaijan will also have a land-link to Nakhichevan and Turkey.

It’s in Armenia and Iran’s best interest to destabilize Azerbaijan in the shortest period of time so the American military are not able to dig in with a strong presents in Azerbaijan.

Though I can’t see any good coming from this new to be built American military airport, one thing is for sure, Iran is going to be working even harder now to help Armenia out to become more stable militarily so it can repel Azerbaijan from taking an inch of land from us.

US to build military airports in Republic of Azerbaijan - Iranian agency

IRNA news agency, Tehran
21 Feb 07

Baku, 21 February:
Gundalik Azerbaijan [daily] reports that America has been using two Azeri military airports for refuelling, transportation of troops and technical inspection of planes.

In its Wednesday edition [21 February], the newspaper adds: The airports of Azeri Air Force are located in the 'Haji Zeyn al-Abedin Taqiyev' and 'Qala' districts on the outskirts of Baku, and the Pentagon had earlier gained permission from Baku to use them for its military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The daily adds: Initially, the Azeri officials evaded the question of America using their military airports, but later on they confirmed it.

According to Gudalik Azerbaijan, in addition to using the two airports, the Pentagon intends to establish well-equipped military bases in southern Azerbaijan and accordingly, has reached an agreement with Azeri officials on building new airports in the Lankaran and Masali regions close to the Iranian border.

Quoting Azeri military experts, the daily says: In the light of this [agreement], the increased comings and goings of American military officials to Baku in recent years are not without reason.

The daily noted: The recent visit to Baku of Peter Rudman, the US under-secretary of defence for international affairs, and other Pentagon officials underline that important issues are at stake, to the extent that, in the current month the Pentagon officials have held a number of meetings with Azeri military and border guard officials on bilateral cooperation.

Gundalik Azerbaijan, quoting Ildrum Mohammadov, a retired Azeri colonel, reports: The frequent visits of the Pentagon officials to Baku and the American military movements are mainly about Iran and Russia.

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