Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sadly, what goes around comes around

It seems that the cheep Iranian made gas heaters sold in Armenia may have killed two Iranian nationals living in Yerevan.

It’s constantly around this time of year in the press of Armenians dying from leaks from gas heaters, some being the cheep Iranian models. This time it was nationals from the country that makes these dangerous heaters that keep killing those living in Armenia.

Of course it is a shame that anyone had to die, but at least we didn’t loose two more Armenians due to substandard, inferior products brought in from Iran and instead it was someone from the place the dangerous heaters came from.

I highly recommend that anyone who has a gas heater, get a gas detector, as I reported a couple of years ago, they are available in Armenia and will protect you from being gassed by the odorless natural gas that is pumped into homes all over Armenia and Artsakh.


YEREVAN, JANUARY 31, NOYAN TAPAN. On January 30, Arabkir Police Department was informed that gas was flowing out at Nairi Zarian 15, apt 18, and it was possible that there were no inhabitants at the apartment.

Corpses of citizens of Iran, 23-year-old Ghasheh Saragon and 19-year-old Raana Mohammad were found at the apartment, in their beds, by the investigation group. As Noyan Tapan was informed from RA Police Public Relations and Information Department, no traces of violence were found on the corpses.

The investigation is carried on by the Prosecutor's Office of Kanaker-Zeytun communities.

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