Friday, July 21, 2006

No gas will go undetected in our home…

Khachig, the security device installer just left after installing our natural gas detector. The whole bill came out to $90 and took about an hour.

The natural gas detector is made here in Armenia and the majority of the components are Philips and the actual detector is made in Japan by Figaro.

The unit is hardwired and has three indicator LEDs that tell you all you need to know. One of them flashes green when the power is on, the center LED lights up red when tripped by a gas leak and the one on top is Yellow and lights up if the unit malfunctions.

Khachig also left us a cigarette lighter to test the unit. He said that we should check it every 6 months.

This unit also has an output for a telephone dialer, so if were not home, we will get a call to let us know of a gas leak.

I asked Khachig about adding smell to natural gas and he echoed what others have said and that is during the Soviet gas had an horrible smell to warn you, but today it is “too expensive” to add any smell.

I also enquired as to how many of these units he has installed and he said that sadly this year he has only installed 3 such units. It seems that other installers also report low numbers in natural gas detectors. He said that many don’t know about them and those that do many times can not afford them.

Anyway, again for those of you living in Yerevan, if you are interested in protecting yourself and your family, drop me an e-mail and I’ll put you in touch with Khachig.

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