Sunday, July 09, 2006


AZG Armenian Daily #127, 08/07/2006

Home Politics

"I believe there should be no non-party ministers in Armenia," David Haroutiunian, RA Justice Minister, said this at today's press conference. He added that the is going to get involved in the political activities, as the new Constitution allows to combine the functions of executive and legislative powers. He said that both a deputy and the Justice Minister are engaged in active political developments in Armenia and this is required by the Constitution.

In this connection he emphasized that he is likely to participate in the coming parliamentary elections in 2007. He added he may join a party, without specifying exactly which one. At the same time he said he is not going to run for the presidential elections in 2008. As for the accusations that Judiciary system is flooded with corruption, he didn't agree with that and added that the anti-corruption struggle should begin by implementation of the reforms in the court-judiciary system.

By Nana Petrosian

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