Thursday, July 27, 2006

Barbeeque Seasion

Since our first wedding anniversary which we celebrated in Stepanagert on July 23rd, everyday we have been invited to or hosted a barbeque.

As for the wedding anniversary, it was great!!! We invited 25 of our closest friends and also had a group of Armenians from California who were visiting Artsakh and eating dinner at the restaurant we were celebrating in, join us for dancing.

Yesterdays BBQ was at Saribek’s Spring in Jardar. The spring was constructed in the memory of my father-in-law Saribek Martirosyan by his father following his death in 1993.

The road to the spring was a bit challenging for the mini-van we rented to take us and our guests, so about a kilometer from the spring most of us got out of the van and walked.

The walk up was incredible. The road was lined with wild blackberry bushes. We all indulged!!!

Married life as been very good to me, but has taken its toll on the time I have to sit down a log. I want to apologize to those readers who visit this site for firsthand observations of life here, which I use to write more of before I got married. There are only so many hours in the day and I guess my priorities have changed quite a bit.

The BBQ season continues. Tonight we are invited and tomorrow we will host. I’m all porked out, but I guess I’ll just have to endure.

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