Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Diaspora's Aid to Armenia Should Be Address

26.07.2006 15:18 GMT+04:00

The Diaspora's aid to Armenia should be address, Rutgers University student Raffi Harutyunian, who is in Armenia on an AAA student project, told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter. In his words, the investments in Armenia should be made in the sectors that need them. "Diaspora's psychology should be changed. It's not a hard job just to give money. We should know how the funds are spent and why we assign them. I think Armenia should follow Israel's example on the matter," Harutyunian remarked. At the same time he stressed that some Disaporan Armenians consider that they perform their duty to the homeland by establishing a hotel or a museum in Armenia. "We should know exactly what Armenia needs and what fields need investments and development. But sometimes we face discrepancies. We offer to improve the whole infrastructure while the Armenian government says to develop one village and then the other," said Raffi Harutyunian mastering in political sciences.

To note, 14 students from U.S. universities have arrived in Armenia to work in the Armenian ministries and NGOs as well as various international organizations. The purpose of the AAA program launched in 1999 is familiarization with Armenia and clarification of AAA priority projects.

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