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Foreign Minister Oskanyan May Avert Resignation By Heeding His People’s Advice

July 14, 2006

Executive Publisher & Managing Editor
USA Armenian Life Magazine
Hye Kiank Armenian Weekly

According to, recently, Armenia's Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanyan stated that he would give Karvachar in Northern Artsakh (Karabagh) to Azerbaijan after the OSCE Minsk Group-proposed referendum. also reported: "People in Karabakh have a very negative attitude towards proposals involving return of territories. They were deeply shocked to hear the foreign minister of Armenia Vardan Oskanyan's (proposal)."

Apparently Mr. Oskanyan has forgotten that Mr. Elchibey, the former President of Azerbaijan, had boasted during the initial stages (late 1980's-early 1990's) of the Artsakh Liberation War, that he would "soon bathe in Lake Sevan" (Armenia proper). Politically speaking, to his dismay, Mr. Elchibey couldn't even cross the Kura River. He "drowned" in military-political chaos.

Mr. Oskanyan has also forgotten that his former chief, Mr. Levon Ter Petrossyan, the first President of Armenia, lost his job in early 1998 for his eagerness to return Artsakh. Mr. Ter Petrossyan had authored an infamous article titled "War or Peace?" in September of 1997. He had also declared that the national ideology is a false category.

Is Mr. Oskanyan receiving advice from the same elements that misguided Mr. Ter Petrossyan? It would be wise if Mr. Oskanyan heeded the advice emanating from the only legitimate source of advice on Armenian state affairs: the Armenian people. He could also do a major service to himself and his people by comprehending that advice coming from the very Armenian citizens of Artsakh as reported by correspondent:

- G. Sahakyan, 73: Apparently, the minister did not study the map properly. How does he imagine life in Karabakh without Karvachar? Would he live in Karabakh without Karvachar?

- Svetlana, 43: Perhaps they are hopeful that Baku will reject the idea of referendum and Karvachar will remain ours. But what if they agree?

- Andrey Ghulyan, pensioner: Most inhabitants of Shahumyan, who remained in Karabakh, live in Karvachar. What will their fate be? Frankly speaking, I am surprised at Oskanyan. Who gave him the right to speak on our behalf? He has never lived and will never live in Karabakh, will he?

By heeding his people’s advice, Mr. Oskanyan may avert the same fate that befell his former boss, Mr. Ter Petrossyan: resignation. He may avoid facing widespread demands for his resignation.

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