Friday, July 21, 2006

Open letter to the Armenian people of Artsakh from large group of Azerbaijani "Intellecturals"

`168 Zham' carries an open letter to the Armenian people by a large group of Azerbaijani intellectuals which warns that the war in Nagorno-Karabakh will resume next year if Armenian-Azerbaijani peace talks remain deadlocked. `We do not insist that we will certainly win in case of a war, even though the population of Azerbaijan is deeply convinced in that,' they write. `But even in case of defeat, the moral spirit of the [Azerbaijani] people will remain the same and another victory will not give Armenia anything. We are appealing to you to initiate the holding of a referendum on the return of at least five [occupied Azerbaijani] districts: Aghdam, Fizuli, Zangelan, Jebrail and Ghubatli.'

`A positive outcome of the referendum would boost the image of the Armenian people in the eyes of the international community and Azerbaijan,' says the letter signed by 101 people. `And this goodwill would give the Armenian authorities the blank check in reaching a peace accord.'


I’ve got a few questions for the “intellectuals” of Azerbaijan:

1. Since when was Zangelan part of Azerbiajan?
2. If you know that you wont win a war with us next year, why don’t you wait until you can build up your arms using the proceeds from oil sales and then wage war on us when your chances of losing less are present?
3. When in all of Azerbaijani history as the Azeri people shown any goodwill towards Armenians in time of conflict? The last time our leaders showed goodwill towards the Azeri people in 1918, the Azeris showed their appreciation by slaughtering 30,000 of us. History will not repeat itself in the 21st century.
4. What were you smoking when you wrote this open letter?

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