Saturday, July 01, 2006


Yerevan, June 26. ArmInfo. A citizen of Yerevan, certain Stepan Hakobyan (1978) was arrested on June 24 charged with the murder of Sedrak Zatikyan, the son of Vahan Zatikyan, the former prefect of Malatia-Sebastia community, Sona Trouzyan, RA Prosecutor General's Press Secretary, told ArmInfo.

S. Hakobyan is charged with Article 235 of RA Criminal Code (illegal possession of weapons). In his turn, a reliable source reports that the detainee is a relative of Armenian MP representing Malatia-Sebastia community Hakob Hakobyan (nickname "Lady Hakob"). To note, bloody quarrels with participation of Hakobyan and Zatikyan clans are not a news.

Sedrak Zatikyan, born in 1980, was murdered on June 22 in daytime on Sebastia- Tichinin crossroad. The unknown fired at Zatikyan's car "Jeep." Wounded, S. Zatikyan lost control and crashed into a lorry. A resident of the nearby houses karine sarksyan - born in1969 fell victim to the incident. 24 shells of the same gun were found on the spot.


Shots were taken in the so called «Banki krug» place of Malatia-Sebastia community at 14:40 and the son of the former died district mayor of Malatia-Sebastia community Vahan Zatikian, Sedrak /born in 1980, father of two children/. One of the citizens said that shot were taken from a “Jeep”. A passer-by, Karine Sargsian born in 1969 was also killed. Sedrak Zatikian was the president of Erkrapah Voluntary Union branch in Malatia-Sebastia community. According to Sedrak’s friends, two shots were taken at his head, 3 shots were taken at his chest. There was the following version yesterday; “He wanted to find out the reasons of his father’s death, that’s why he was killed”. There were also gossips that there had been a quarrel two days before with General Manvel Grigorian’s participation and yesterday shots were the continuation of that quarrel.

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