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[03:44 pm] 05 March, 2007

Court of First Instance of Kentron and Nork-Marash sent Gyulnara Manvelyan to two-month custody. To remind, in 2006 Gyulnara Manvelyan gave her new-born son to a doctor of obstetrics department at the cost of $2000.

The most striking is the fact that the court didn't take Doctor Mher Engibaryan under arrest.

This can be explained by the fact that Engibaryan has a permanent dwelling place and has never been sentenced before. Besides, the bargain was guaranteed by Deputy Samvel Sahakyan and S. Hakobyan, mayor of Masis.

We managed to find out that Mher Engibaryan enjoys the support of RA high-ranking officials. As for Ekaterina Aroustamyn, the go-between, she was set free on condition not to leave the city.

We could also reveal a few details; Mher Engibaryan performed cesarean operation and helped the mother to give birth to the child. He had given Gyulnara Manvelyan 1500 USD prior to the operation. Doctor Engibaryan had also given money to Aroustamyan, the go-between and taken care of some minor expenses.

After the delivery, a false document was made with the name of another woman stating that she was the mother of the child. Later the doctor took the infant to the orphanage of "Elen" charity foundation. To note, the orphanage was founded by Mher Engibaryan.

Why should a doctor taking such inhumane steps stay in freedom today? This can directly affect on the investigation as the doctor may conceal the tracks, official documents and have influence on the witnesses. It is not excluded that Engibaryan has made suchlike bargains beforehand.

Sona Truzyan, press secretary of the RA General Prosecutor, refused revealing the details. She only informed us that a criminal action was brought against Gyulnara Manvelyan under Article 168 of the Penal Code, Mher Engibaryan under Article 314 /official forgery/ and Ekaterina Aroustamyan under Article 38-168 /accomplice/.

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