Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Illegal adoption is Armenia continue

According to Yergir Media news tonight, it seems that in the city of Masis, a doctor has been caught selling babies.

I had been following these developments for over 3 years since receiving a tip from someone that a private orphanage in Masis was offering money to women seeking abortions in return to carry the child full-term and then bypassing the official adoption law of natives having first option to adopt and then non-natives, somehow electing who was to adopt their newborn child, most of which from that “orphanage” were from the West.

I can see that though the adoption process from Armenia already difficult for people from the outside, due to unscrupulous desperate people wanting a child at any expense including breaking the law, the adoption laws were not strict enough and/or not enforced, thus we need to once again revisit the process. Private orphanages need to be closely monitored and all adoption from such places need to be reviewed.

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