Wednesday, March 14, 2007


13-03-2007 14:52:22

The law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan continue to prosecute the best representatives of the Artsakh society, including the national heroes, even the killed, and sentence them for life, stated President Arkady Ghukasyan a few days ago answering the question of Professor Socrat Khanyan. Socrat Khanyan says the Yasmal Court of Baku sentenced him to ten years in prison. "This is a tragedy for Azerbaijan first of all because it implies that we can never reach agreement with them. If these people are inclined to settle the issue and find points in common, they should act differently. Today "thanks" to Azerbaijan 70 Karabakhis, most of them members of government of the country, have appeared on the records of Interpol," said Arkady Ghukasyan.

"The problem will not be solved unless Azerbaijan stops the anti-Armenian propaganda, instills in its public that the Armenians as neighbors," said the president, underlining that the international community is either reluctant or unable to influence Azerbaijan.

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