Monday, March 05, 2007

Out with the old…a real chance for a new start

According to (the Armenian version), the regional minister of Kashatagh (Lachin) has packed his stuff and should soon be relieved of his duties as early as tomorrow.

For those of you who have not been following developments in Kashatagh, the region between Artsakh and Armenia has been depopulating due to very bad governing of the region by a well connected government official.

According to the HETQ article, not only is the soon to be former governor related to Prime Minister Markarian’s wife, but is also related to the Prosecutor General of Artsakh, all being from the village of Jardar, which is 16 kilometer from my home. In addition to this, he is also related to the former regional minister of Martuni, who was relieved of his duties 2 years ago after doing a really rotten job of governing.

Sadly, the article suggests that those who will be involved with administering things in the region in the future are very capable to continue policies that will further depopulate the region and are for the most part incompetent.

Understanding all that is stated above, it is of the utmost importance that future aid and involvement of the Diaspora in Kashatagh be done with logic and not emotion (as in too many cases it has been in the past). We don’t need a good governor in Kashatagh (though it would not hurt), but a strong presents from the Diaspora to make sure the depopulation stops and repopulating starts. This is something we can play a very big roll in. Believe me when I tell you that the removal of the regional minister is a direct result of the Diaspora working together to get him out. Now let’s continue with this same energy to get the region populated and economically stable so the population will be stable.

In a related note, it seems that an investigation is being done by the Artsakh government as to what has been going on in Kashatagh. Though I’m sure they will find many irregularities, since the governor is well connected, I’m almost certain that nothing will come of it. What should be done is what the Minister of Territorial Administration Armo Tsaturyan want told me when I met with him on January 7th of this year. He had the desire to demand accountings of where the millions of dollars have been spent in Kashatagh? At that time the President and Prime Minister told him that he was nuts and there was not need, but in light of what has been going on and all the allegations of mismanagement, I think demanding accountability of what has been done in the past is justified.

The English version of the HETQ article will be online next week.

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