Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not by his choice

The start of the end of the living hell known as Kashatagh

By decision of the Artsakh government today, the leader of the administration of the Kashatagh area, Hamlet Khachatryan, was removed from office. In his place Ernist Ghevondyan, who was formerly director of the Artrsakh committee, was appointed.

By removing Hamlet instead of him “resigning” means that there is a good chance that the investigation initiated by the Artsakh government could yield results and possible criminal charges against those responsible for the depopulation of the region. Of course in order to see this happen, we need to continue to push things in that direction.

A big congratulation to everyone involved with bringing this issue to light, especially those that stated and signed the petition at

Though some may think this issue is resolved, it’s far from that and it’s going to take a great deal of work from all of us to reverse the damage done by Hamlet Khachatryan and his administration, thus don’t relax yet, we have a long road to go down still.

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