Sunday, March 25, 2007

A man of his word

In May of 2006 when the decision of removing Hamlet Khachatryan the now former Regional Minister of Kashatagh, an unexpected appearance of the now former Prime Minister and Khachatryan’s in-law Antranik Markaryan occurred. Markaryan announced to everyone preset that as long as he is Prime Minister, Khachatryan will be the Regional Minister of Kashatagh.

On March 6th, under a great deal of pressure from the Diaspora, the NKR government relieved Khachatryan of his duties and opened an investigation of Khachatryan’s corrupt dealings during his time in office and misappropriated funds that were intended for the development of the region was implemented.

When I learned of Khachatryan’s dismissal, I thought to myself, when will Markaryan be true to his word and resign from his post? Well as corrupt as Markaryan was, it seems in this case he was good to his word and is now no longer Prime Minister.

One other thing I am hopeful of is that the investigation, which I was expecting to be a matter of procedure with no results due to Khachatryan being Markaryan’s wife’s cousin, may in fact produce results. Of course like I’ve stated before, we do need to push the investigation to the end, demanding justice and a conviction for all that are guilty.

As for the rumor-mill in NKR, there is suspicion that Markaryan’s heart attack was drug induced, as this is not the first time someone has had a heart attack under suspicious circumstances. I am of the belief that Markaryan was a ticking time-bomb just waiting to go off. He was overweight, smoked and was a heavy drinker.

I wish I could wish is family my condolences, but I am less mournful for his death and am sad that he didn’t drop dead long before he became Prime Minister. He was bad news from day one and during his time in office, many Armenian people died a slow, painful and preventable death as a result of his inability serve the people who he was obligated to serve. I lost too many friends during his time in office, thus have no feeling of remorse to share with his family and friends.

My wish for Markaryan applies to all those who are still living and don’t serve the people they are obligated to. May they all drop dead and rot in hell.

Well I’ve got to get going. There is some celebrating to do!!!

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