Thursday, December 08, 2005

ACTION ALERT - Human Trafficking in Armenia


Please find below two distressing very recent reports about Armenian Prostitutes and Human Trafficking in Armenia.

It is the decadent regime in Armenia that is responsible for all this and many other harmful "Azkavnas" policies in my opinion.

Please e-mail your opinions directly to the Armenian consulate in Los Angeles, the Armenian Embassy in Washington DC and Foreign Ministry in Armenia, as indicated above, as well as to various Armenian newspapers or your friends. THIS SHAMEFUL AND DEGRADING ACTS OF PROSTITUTION AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING MUST STOP! (e-mail list: "armconla" , "armecon" , "Armenia Foreign Ministry" , "Salpi H Ghazarian" , "diaspora" ,,,,,

If the present regime in Armenia can not manage Armenia by creating normal living conditions for its citizens, let them have the honesty to resign. Half of Armenia's citizens have already left the country. Until when are we going to carry this corrupt Mafia regime on our shoulders? A morally decadent Armenia is doomed to disappear, sooner or later. And as indicated in a report published in AZG Armenian Daily #218 of 30/11/2005 "CORRUPTION IS THE BIGGEST THREAT TO ARMENIA'S NATIONAL SECURITY RATHER THAN AZERBAIJAN OR TURKEY".

I just got a report about a situation in an Armenian village as follows: "What was sad to see and hear was in some sense the helpless situation of the villagers - they were afraid to tell the truth about what's happening in the village because in many ways they depend from the village head who wouldn't be happy knowing that. There used to be incidents of damaging or stopping the farms/initiatives of those who appeared to be competitive to those having power in the village. They even said that having poor telephone infrastructure might be intentional situation to deprive people from information and have them more controllable and poor."

How can Armenia progress under those conditions? We need a regime in Armenia that cares for its people and has a well defined social, economic and political plan for a prosperous and well organized Armenia and Diaspora. Time is against us for now.

Your opinions do count. Respond today!

Thanks for listening.

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