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| 19:56:34 | 02-12-2005 | Politics |

Today after the meeting of the opposition near the Matenadaran when the people were returning home about 10 agents in plain clothes started to provoke the crowd. Then one of them asked the help of the policemen standing on the opposite pavement and as if waiting for that.

According to different data after today's meeting 3-5 people were arrested from the streets of Yerevan. Among them were members of the Republican and New Times parties and residents of Artik.

Member of the Republican party Artak Hakobyan who was responsible for the equipment was set free an hour after the arrest. According to eyewitnesses, "they started to arrest people earlier, and the cars were full of them". The agents in plain clothes chased the participants of the meeting till the office of the Republican party and put them into the cars by force.

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