Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Next Najarian Hearing – ATTEND IF YOU CAN

Dear Friends: This may be a turning point - the next hearing is as follows:

Location: Court of Appeals (the new court next to the Cinema Hayrenik)
Date: Friday December 16
Time: 1: 00 p.m.

As you know, in October the Court of First Intention overturned the Prosecutor General’s decision to dismiss our case. It was the 4th time this kind of decision was handed down in our favor - against the Prosecutor General and his investigators. The Court said the case is criminal and ordered the Prosecutor General to reopen the investigation, nullifying their dismissal of the case.

The Prosecutor General appealed this decision to the Court of Appeals. We just received the date and place of the hearing as noted above.

We also just learned that this decision cannot be appealed! There is a new law (ruling?) that says the following: if the Court of Appeal upholds a decision of the Court of First Intention, that decision cannot be appealed again to the higher court -- the decision stands and has the power of law. This means that for this round (and maybe for the last time?) there will be no appeal. After two years and 4 months let us hope there may be an end to this!

Thus, we face another very important hearing and hope as many people as possible will be able to attend this hearing! (Dress warmly!) It is so very important that the courtroom be filled (I’m sorry I keep saying this - I know everyone knows this and if possible will attend!) For those of you outside of Armenia - please, as you have done so many times in the past, contact your friends and relatives and ask them to go to this hearing if at all possible. (No one who has been an observer has had any reprisals against them. That’s the good news - there is nothing to fear by attending these hearings!!!)

As soon as we have the court’s decision I will let you know what it is. It should be handed down on the same day, but last time it took 10 days.

With warm regards and our many, many thanks!

Carolann and George

PS If you know any media connected people, please ask them to go as well. We are aggressively carrying out a campaign on that front as well. Some 80 packets of background and information on our case were distributed to nearly 80 media outlets in Armenia over the past 10 days. C.

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