Monday, December 26, 2005


Regnum, Russia
Dec 26 2005

US visa has been denied to one of the leading Armenian political analysts Igor Muradyan on December 23. Explanation of this decision is unclear. As Muradyan commented on the situation for REGNUM, he was given only vague explanations about a necessity to find out goals of his visit to the USA.

Earlier, he visited US for four times, where he conducted research on problems of the US policy in Caucasus and Middle East regions, which resulted in publication of four books and participation in numerous international conferences in Europe and Middle East.

He explains such decision of the US authorities with his recent speeches, where he stated that settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict in 2006 is a myth, and that all current settlement processes are only an imitation, conducted by the US ruling Republican Party.

He said that his statements contradicted with official Armenian rhetoric, and rhetoric of many Armenian opposing political forces. He also thinks that this decision may be influenced by the Armenian Assembly of US, experts of which regard Igor Muradyan as a serious rival in the question of creating ideas and propositions in non-public politics. He also noted that he always agreed with positive role of
the US in the settlement of Nagorno Karabakh problem and readiness of Washington to recognize sovereignty of the Karabakh Republic.

According to a number of politicians and political analytics "such position of the US embassy is an insult for the whole analytical and political community of Armenia."

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