Friday, December 16, 2005

Where are The US and European countries? Whose spouse to protect civilization?

Paper of anger and protest

It is about two days that, the government of Azerbaijan started a cultural genocide; they are destroying the tombstones and monuments (cross stones) of a 600 year old Armenian cemetery, located at the north side of Aras river (the historic cemetery of Old Julfa).

200 Azerbaijani soldiers armed with necessary tools and equipments, are demolishing the tombstones and breaking the historical monuments, pulling it into the river.

Where are The US and European countries, which spouse to protect of civilization and its historical heritage? Instead they are protecting the Azerbaijan and its great protector Turkey.

The cultural genocide is taking place "in the day light "and no one is doing any thing.

With our deepest anger, we protest to the UN and all the international organizations of human rights, asking them to act as soon as possible, do what ever is possible, to save the historical site, of course if any thing is survived yet.

Prelates of 3 Armenian prelacies of Iran
Dec.14 2005
Tehran, Iran

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