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| 20:20:12 | 09-12-2005 | Politics |

After the meeting Raffi Hovannisian went to the President's residence on foot. The police officers had naturally heard about the action and had taken measures: five police cars and three ordinary cars ones waited for Raffi Hovannisian near the Residence.

Raffi Hovannisian approached the letter department the door of which was closed. The police officers approached him and said that the letter department works till 05:00 p.m. on Fridays and is now closed. Raffi Hovannisian asked if the post works and without getting an answer put the letter inside the border. The cover of the letter read, "To the RA deputy President Robert Kocharyan".

After that Mr. Hovannisian left the place without uttering a word. One of the three policemen passing by took the letter and hid it. The group left. The police cars did the same.

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