Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Has anyone been watching the continuation of the Saddam Hussein trial? I’ve only seen some bits and pieces of it on CNN and read about it on the internet.

I have to ask a question. It seems that Hussein is being punished for crimes against his people that others have committed possibly on his orders, during the time he was president.

I wonder what the Iraqi constitution says anything about protection to the president from prosecution for things that took place during his term in office? If it reads anything like the recent amendments that the Armenian government fraudulently passed on the November 27th, then no one would have the right to prosecute him for what had happened in Dujail in 1981.

I’m also fascinated by the recent stories coming out of Germany of the Kuwaiti-born father of five, Khaled el-Masri, who the CIA abducted while on vacation in Macedonia and took to a detention facility in Afghanistan where he was tortured in an attempt to get a confession out of him that he was involved in September 11th. They later figured out they had the wrong guy and after waiting for a couple more months, flew him back to Europe and abandoned him on an Albanian hilltop in the middle of the night.

Now let’s go back to the Hussein trial and see if the recent testimonies to what happened during Saddam’s time as president of Iraq and what the CIA did to a German citizen during George W. Bush’s time have anything in common?

Well, according to the recent testimonies at the trial, people from the city of Dujail were gathered up and tortured in some very bad ways, probably to find out who was behind the attempted assassination on President Saddam Hussein.

In the case of the CIA and the German guy, people are being gathered up and tortured in some very inhumane ways because someone slammed a couple of airplanes into a couple of buildings in New York on September 11, 2001 and the US government wants to find out who was involved.

In both cases, it is clearly documented that some innocent people have been picked up and have suffered as a result.

At least the American government is willing to set things straight when news of these atrocities get published in the press (though I’m sure if they could they would cover them up). In the case of the CIA, so far we have not heard of any deaths as a result of what they are doing (though there probably have been some, but dead people can’t complain).

So in the end, what will happen? We at some point, George W. Bush be put on trial for all the human atrocities committed? Will Hussein be left off? Will Robert Kocharian succeed in getting all the amendments adopted into the Armenian constitution so he will not have to answer for atrocities that took place during his time as president?

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