Friday, August 17, 2007

Are we anti-Semitic for investigating the Zionist Jewish connection to Talaat’s Young Turks?

It seems that over at Oneworld Multimedia, the posting of anti-Semitic graffiti which appeared at the Vernisage recently has grown into questioning my recent postings of Zionist Jewish ties to the Young Turks and the real reasons behind the Armenian Genocides between 1895 and 1921.

I’m really interested in understanding what the big deal is when discussing the events leading up to and the real forces behind the attempted extermination of the Armenian people?

The reality is that Talaat Pasha and most of the Young Turks were of Jewish decent. We also know that until today, Jewish lobbying powers around the world have been very active in preventing the Armenian Genocide form being recognized.

The bottom line is that if there is any truth in the claims made by Christopher Jon Bjerknes and his 575 page document titled “The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians” we must at very least conduct our own research into the events he has documented and then learn from that information so that those destructive acts which threaten our very existence will never be repeated.

I will tell you that if you have not read Christopher’s document from cover to cover or at very least listened to or watched the video interviews in order to familiarize yourself with the materials, then don’t draw conclusions on this very serious subject since all your going to end up doing is prove your ignorance and lack of willingness to be open to new ideas and what I see could become the new approach to Genocide recognition.

For those of you who think that by perusing the Zionist Jew connection to the Armenian Genocide will cause harm to our “good relations” with the Jewish community in the Diaspora, I would seriously consider rethinking the whole idea as to what “good relations” are. If “good relations” means to ignore an important part of our history that should serve as a warning for things to come in exchange for “good relations”, then you really need to ask yourself what have we really gained from these “good relations” up until now? For those of you who don’t get what I’m trying to say, re-read the third paragraph of this posting.

BTW, I’ve spoken to quite a few people on this subject over the last week and so far everyone agrees that this is a subject that needs to be carefully researched and then only factual conclusions published. So far I’ve only had one objection and that came from a person who will remain unnamed who has built their reputation and carrier on Armenian Genocide recognition based on the buck stopping with the Young Turk Government. This person won’t even explain why they feel that Christopher’s claims have no merit. Without such explanation, I can only conclude at this time that their findings on the Genocide issue will be less significant and lower their academic status of being one of our top experts on Genocide issues if the Jewish connection to the Genocide becomes a part of our history.

Anyone who thinks that I’m anti-Semitic I will tell you for the record that I don’t agree or approve of any racially motivated attack on anyone or any group of people. What happened in Vernisage with the graffiti is wrong, unacceptable and will not help to make Armenia a better place.

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