Friday, August 10, 2007

Time to come to terms with reality

The issue of Zionist Jews and the Young Turks connection is starting to become a more talked about subject in Armenia and the Diaspora.

I want to first start out by saying that his subject is not new to my family and my grandfather more than once touch on it when talking about who the Young Turks were.

It is interesting that in the movie Borat, they touch on Jews quite a bit and how “evil” they are and how they need to be exterminated. There were quite a few out-takes which are found on YouTube, which Borat talks about killing Jews with common Americans and how those simple people agree with him. What should be noted is that though it is done in a joking fashion to show how cruel and racist people can be, the reality is that Zionist Jews in too many cases have been behind some of the worst atrocities in modern history, one of them being all the Armenian Genocides that took place from 1895 to 1921.

For those of you who have not read the 575 page PDF file about the Jewish Genocide of the Armenian Christians which if found on a site called, you have to do yourself a favor and educate yourself about this book that until now has not been disputed by any Jewish organization and I would think that if there was one thing not accurate in it, the ADL would have been all over it the day it was published.

The one thing the document does not touch on and I think is important is what is a Jew and which kind of Jew was and is behind the Armenian Genocide then and now.

For those of you who are thinking conspiracy theory, I’m not going to tell you to drop the word “theory”, but will say for one thing that if it was not a conspiracy brewed up by Zionist Jews, then why is it that every time the Armenian Genocide issue comes up, it's the Jews that are the first and only non-Turks to come to the defense of Turkey? It’s not because they want the Jewish Holocaust to be the first Genocide of the 20th century as most people I have talked to seem to think, it’s because when restitution is being sought by the victims and descendent of Armenian Genocide, they will not only be going after the Turkish Government (who BTW is controlled today by crypto-Jews for the most part), but those who were behind this crime will also be held responsible and one entity that played a very big role were the Rothschild’s.

Anyway, please do be objective about this subject and approach it with common sense. It’s not all that complicated and just a matter of reading up and doing some research on it since I can see in a very short period of time this side of the Genocide is going to be talked about and debated by our scholars who have done a wonderful job of uncovering the first layer of the Genocide (which is what the Young Turks did) and now the time has come to go down to the next layer, which is the Jewish connection.

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