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Assemblymember Paul Krekorian on ADL Announcement on the Genocide

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Statement by Assemblymember Paul Krekorian In Response to Anti-Defamation League's Announcement on the Armenian Genocide

Assemblymember Paul Krekorian (D-Burbank) issued the following statement in response to the Anti-Defamation League's August 21, 2007 announcement regarding the Armenian Genocide:

"For almost a century, the Anti-Defamation League has been one of our nation's leading champions of tolerance and civil rights. The ADL has always been a leader in our ongoing collective struggle against bigotry, hatred and extremism. This strong history of fighting for justice and truth, though, has made the ADL's consistent and vocal opposition to recognition of the Armenian Genocide in recent years that much more disconcerting and disappointing.

"I am very pleased that the ADL has now publicly declared, at long last, that the deliberate and systematic massacre of Armenians at the hands of Turkey beginning in 1915 was 'tantamount to genocide.' All people who care about truth and historical accuracy will welcome and appreciate the ADL's statement that respected historians have already reached clear consensus in recognizing the Turkish atrocities against the Armenian people as genocide. In making this announcement, the ADL has added its considerable influence and outstanding reputation to the cause of those who demand appropriate recognition of the Genocide and justice for its victims and survivors.

"I heartily commend the membership and leadership of the ADL for bringing about this very positive and welcomed change of perspective. I urge the ADL now to take the next step and join with those of us who strongly support the pending Congressional resolution clearly stating that what happened to the Armenian people was genocide."

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