Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blowing the World Bank Whistle

In the past I’ve written quite a bit about the World Bank and how it is not good for Armenia with it’s programs that do exactly what Armenia does not need to move forward to be independent of outside influences.

Well it seems that Bruce Tasker, a British national was contracted to look into possible corruption involving World Bank Projects and well as it should have been has found what we all suspected was going on.

You can read about his findings and the reaction from the World Bank at his site here. You can also read what Onnik over at OneWorld here and here. Garbis over at Notes from Hairenik have written on this subject.

It is very important that we get the word out to all Armenians all over the world as to what the World Bank is up to in Armenia and with that said, please e-mail all the people in your address book and forward this log to them.

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