Sunday, August 12, 2007

Armenians killing Armenians in U.S.A.

3 Killed In Burbank Murder-Suicide Identified

Aug 10, 2007 6:41 pm US/Pacific

Two men and a woman who were fatally shot in a double-murder suicide that apparently began with a tenant-manager dispute at a Burbank apartment complex were identified Friday.

Rafael Shirinian, 49, committed suicide after killing Vahik Farhadian, 48, and Manyam Masihi, a 49-year-old woman, said Craig Harvey of the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner.

Farhadian managed the apartment building, and Shirinian and Masihi were tenants, police said.

Police were sent to 612 E. Cypress Ave. about 5:35 p.m. Thursday on a shots-fired report, said Lt. Armen Dermenjian of the Burbank Police Department.

Officers found Farhadian with a gunshot wound near the entrance of the complex, said Sgt. Matthew Ferguson of the Burbank Police Department. Officers administered first aid, but he died a short time later.

Ferguson said that according to "the preliminary investigation it does appear that the shooter, Rafael Shirinian, had an ongoing problem with several neighbors in the two-story, about 20-unit apartment complex. There had been verbal altercations between Rafael and several other residents of different apartments."

No weapons or physical violence had been observed in the past, although there had been squabbles over parking spots, Ferguson said.

It was unclear if this was the basis of the problem or if Shirinian "just didn't like them," he saTd.

Ferguson said the shooting was preceded by a verbal altercation. When Vahik Farhadian returned to the apartment with his son Oshin, Rafael shot him several times.

Oshin "ran for his life" and ran through Manyam Masihi's first-floor apartment whose front door was open.

Oshin escaped through a rear window of the apartment, accompanied by Masihi's two adult children who were in the apartment, he said.

Shirinian then killed the woman in her doorway and went upstairs to his second-floor apartment.

Ferguson said as officers arrived at his door, shots rang out. Shirinian had killed himself and a revolver was found next to his body.

Ferguson said Shirinian had reloaded the weapon at least once and possibly twice.

It was not clear, he said, whether the woman was targeted or just unlucky. However, indications were that the shooter did not like her, he said.

Shirinian also had two children in his apartment who were not harmed.

A large cache of weapons were found in Rafael's apartment, along with uniforms, Ferguson said.

"It is believed from the uniforms he was a security guard at one time if not currently a security guard. It is reasonable to assume he was," Ferguson said.

Farhadian's son Oshin, who was 20, was wounded, but was hospitalized and expected to survive.

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    I think this was a coward and callous move on the shooters part and his family's for not realizing their father /husband is a murderer.and this is how idiots multiply because women don't value themselves they have no education they marry sick mentally ill people is suppression and are surprised when he kills people just because . I mean wtf