Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Well 2001 is gone and 2002 is here. I�m still not really in a celebrating mood, and this feeling I see is a reflection of many people here. I guess simple math would tell you that lack of work and economic opportunities mean a celebration that reflects that reality. I noticed that some working people I know who had money last year and had a party to reflect their prosperity, this year really didn�t do much of anything due to the present day economic climate. I guess times are changing again, and none of us are really sure if it�s for the better or worse. The important thing today is that the majority of the population is somehow securing the food needed to stay alive and that in itself is a reason to be happy. I would hope as I do every year that this year will be a year of change towards the better. My wish for 2002 is that all Armenians will clue into the fact that our nation is in the Caucasus, our present day resources are limited and living here means to do so in such a way that those resources will sustain the entire population and not just a select few. This means that if we can somehow better manage what we have and those who have the ability to narrow the deficit which may exist after this adjustment, this would stabilize our nation in a big way, thus life for all Armenians everywhere should be a little more bearable. The saying �proud to be Armenian� would taken on a greater meaning and national pride would get a huge boost. After reading Clinton�s lecture, what I�ve come to realize is that being wealthy can not just be a pleasure, but it�s a very serious responsibility. The wealthy are those that have chosen to taken upon themselves to �care� for the more common creatures of the world. This responsibility appears to no longer be an option, but a duty. If they misuse this �gift� and �privilege� they have ascertained through whatever means, in some ways they are subject to an even more difficult, fearful and uncertain life themselves than those common creatures who they have neglected. I hope that those who have these resources, have or will come to realize this and do what they need to as their part of this delicate balance we call life. Well again, Happy New Year to all. May 2002 be the beginning of this new way of thinking, acting and living.

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