Friday, April 26, 2002

Life can�t be that uninteresting that none of the loggers have anything to say, can it? Well maybe so.

It�s been typical April weather here in Martuni. Rain one day, sun the next. They say this is good weather for the crops.

For those of you that read the disturbing article Raffi wrote about, I hope everyone writes a letter to the National Review Online (NRO) to protest what was stated.

I did a little research to find out more about the author of the article Barbara Lerner. It seems that she is not only a writer, but a psychologist and attorney in Chicago. She has quite a list of articles and accomplishments, which you can find on the internet via a Yahoo search �Barbra+Lerner+Chicago�.

One article that stuck out was one that was published on the NRO on January 30, 2002, entitled �Don't Call Them Arabs Ramadan in Istanbul.� Very pro-Turkish and very much resembles U.S./Israeli propaganda, which tries to make the Turks look like the most humane people in the whole region. It also gives a clue as to Jewish interests in Turkey, which might also explain why Israel is so against recognizing the Armenian genocide. I guess the restitution aspect of recognition could have a major economic impact on Turkish-Jews as well as Israel.

I get the feeling that Lerner is one of the newest hired �specialists�, who I�m not sure whose payroll she is on, but is clearly working hard to show Turkey�s "best" side.

I invite everyone to draw their own conclusions and if you find it appropriate, write a letter to the NRO to share your concerns.

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