Thursday, December 19, 2002

Fried chicken has lost it charm, not to mention its flavor, which has made its presents in my clothes. So with that, just maybe I�ll stick to only French fries, which I�ve become a master at making.

Tonight I was watching Armenian T.V. and there was an old Armenian film (black and white), which I caught the last 30 minutes of. It was about shepherds who a government investigator was investigating the loss of a sheep. It was really interesting to see Armenia as it use to be and one of the interesting messages in the film was that we should put government to one side and remember that Armenia belongs to all of us. I wish I had seen the whole thing and taped it, as the message was very powerful.

One other thing that was interesting in the film and I�m not sure if accurate or Soviet propaganda was there was mention of America and the man that created the atomic bomb that Japan was bombed with. The guy said that it was one man who won the war against Japan. He went on to say that the same man was believed to be able to make a bigger and more powerful bomb but didn�t and was put on trial by the United States for refusing to make it. This kind of history I�m really out of touch with, so if there is anyone that knows about this subject, please enlighten me.

Well it�s still snowing and it looks like my Yerevan trip is going to not happen until after the New Years. I was really hoping to spend at least Christmas with the other loggers (since it really is a holiday that is not celebrated here) and then make my way back to Artsakh for New Years.

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